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Our startup

BEEHIVE was founded in June 2016. Since then the company has been growing steadily - every day we gain new members, open new locations in the big cities of Germany and enlarge our energetic team. Together we want to advance our vision and make BEEHIVE better known.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide our members with a workplace they have never experienced before. We want to become the most flexible platform in Germany for innovative startups, agencies, freelancers, project teams and companies at unbeatable prices.

Our team

The greatest ideas usually come from the collaboration of people with very different talents. Everyone can and should bring their ideas, opinions and strengths to us in a meaningful way. We don't just want to be a fast growing and successful start-up, we also want to have fun with it.

That is us

Member image one


Space Manager, HH
Always solution-oriented and in a good mood, Franziska reads the wishes of the BEEHIVE community in Hamburg from her lips.
Member image two


Customer Care & Support
Dinah has the right solution for small and large problems and makes our customers a little happier every day.
Member image three


Space Manager, FFM
Katharina finds an answer for every case and is always open for our community in Frankfurt.
Member image four


Marketing Manager
She knows the trends of tomorrow and always comes around the corner with new ideas. That's how Claudia drives our marketing forward.
Member image five


Head of Coworking Business
With a smile on her lips Anna has all the strings in her hand and sees that many small things become one big whole.